Saturday, September 28, 2013


The clicking on her little paws on the floor at night,
will soon be silenced forever as we give up the fight
to keep her here and close at hand. That war cannot be won.
It's 2 am, I keep the watch until the deed is done.
Her 16 year old body has bounced back many times before.
But the chronic cough that rakes it now takes her closer to death's door.

No words need decribe the agony of losing such a friend.
A faithful companion going away without a humane end.
No money and no mercy from the vets or SPCA.
Inept and heartbroken a day before, we failed to put her away.
The sudden surprise, the hope of a sign when she awoke once more,
gave way to melancholy. Just an extra day of war.

No miracle appeared this day. The evening came again.
Waiting on this death watch knowing it's not "if" but "when".
Today's the day she goes away. Many know how that feels.
Unable to take the pain from her, no miracle that heals.
I wait for God here in the darkness, but still  I see no light
to illuminate the mercy some say lies in the darkest night.

Phoebe-Full sized Chihuahua
Born: 12/29/1996
Died: Today

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